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The joint-stock bus company Sareta was established on the 15th of February in 1991, but the carriage of passengers has been actively dealt with already since 1990. In the 19th year of activity we have ten proper tourist coaches in use, by driving ca one million kilometers per year.

In 1997 we started to use a high-speed long-distance busline no. 469 Kuressaare - Tallinn - Kuressaare. In 2008 the second busline no. 468 Kuressaare - Tallinn - Kuressaare was opened. Now the buses of  Sareta drive on routes between Tallinn and Saaremaa 6 times a day all year round. Also some other local commercial buslines are served.

An important part of Sareta´s turnover from the national and international demand services. Our biggest clients are Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto LTD, BussiReisid LLC, LLC Merinvest, almost all the municipalities of Saaremaa as well as schools and kindergartens. An effective collaboration has been done with the Saaremaa Reisibüroo Ltd, the State Nature Conservation Centre and with other companies,  institutions and collectives in Saaremaa. Also Reisiekspert, MATKAVEKKA Estonia LLC, LLC Baltic Kuurort Grupp and many other tour companies both in Estonia and in Finland have been involved.

We are grateful to the pleasant cooperation for all our existing and future customers and we want to offer You high quality bus service by traveling!

We are looking forward to travelling!
JSC Sareta